About Aim High Video

Aim High Video

A little about myself, I am a very happily married Denver native in my 50s.

I have been an AV geek from the very beginning: I was one of those kids in elementary school who could take a film projector apart and put it back together all in the dark.

I spent the first part of my career as a still photographer and photo lab tech. In the early 90s I saw that the writing was on the wall for still photography as I knew it; things were going to change. Anyway, I had always wanted to try my hand in video/television.

In my time as a still photographer/lab tech, I was able to do many great things: I was in the Air Force as a photographer. I got to see and do many interesting things. I always joked that I joined the Air Force to see the world, but they stuck me in Idaho; but to be honest, I fell in love with Idaho, it was a great place, and when given a chance, I go back; the area is beautiful. I have always been a gung-ho person and would not trade my time in the Air Force for anything.

Starting in 1994 I had an opportunity to attend to Pikes Peak Community College. I went there to get as many classes as I could in Television/Radio Broadcasting. I was very fortunate to get a job at KKTV while I was taking classes, working as a studio camera operator. Also during this time I got a chance to work at KVOR (then 1300 AM). I started out as an intern, near the end of my internship I was invited to come on board as a board operator. At this point things were very fun in life, working at a TV station and a radio station at the same time, and I was still in school. I may not have slept much, but I really enjoyed it all.

When I moved back to Denver in 2000, I continued to work at interesting places: I worked for a company delivering beer and wine, then doing video production for the same company, talk about a combo! I have worked at places like KUSA and Comcast/AZN television.

Back then I even worked for a company making racing videos. People who know me know I was like a kid in a candy store; I got paid to go to auto races, WOW.

In 2008 I took a job working for a private contractor at the Air Force Reserve Personal Center. Again, I was doing work with the Air Force; the job itself was not ideal, but the people that I worked with in the Air Reserve Personal Center were the best.

In 2010 I found myself without work, so I decided to improve myself by going back to school. After looking around, the Ohio Center for Broadcasting (now Colorado Media School) felt like a good place to get more knowledge and some more experience.

During my time at OCB, I was able to work two very good internships. The first was at High Noon Productions, working with some of the best professionals I have ever seen. I was assigned to the show Cool Tools, which was shown on the DIY Network. I also was very fortunate to get an internship at Denver 8 TV (the Denver-owned government channel). I knew a lot about edit systems already, but Denver 8 taught me tons more. Both of these internships were great, I came away from both with invaluable knowledge, experience, and some great friendships.

I have also worked behind the scenes (Master Control) at KDVR Fox 31, KWGN CW 2, KUSA 9News and Westwood One. I have been teaching (part time) Radio/Television at the Colorado Media School for the last few years.

Currently, in addition to producing videos for Aim High Video for a diverse set of clients, I am working for PSAV (most of the time at the Gaylord Resort and Convention Center).  I also direct the TV programming for the City of Littleton for the City Council and other Televised meetings.